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Building capacity

25 November 2014

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Further to our announcements in August advising of two additional Surveyors for our Pukekohe office, we are pleased to advise of additional staffing in Tauranga and enhancements to our Engineering capacity in Pukekohe. At the beginning of October we employed Mark in our Tauranga office. Mark is a local Surveyor with extensive national and international experience in field data collection and mapping including difficult field environments such as Papua New Guinea, Turkey and West Africa. With a growing number of infrastructural projects occurring, Mark is well suited to enhance our capacity for those projects.

We are also pleased to welcome, Bailey back from Survey School. We employed Bailey during her semester break last year and provided assistance for her during her final year in Otago. She has now completed her University studies for a Bachelor of Surveying, and will undertake a further 2 years of graduate experience, the completion and submission of some specific projects to the Licensing Board, and further postgraduate examinations before becoming licensed to practice as a Surveyor.

Both Mark and Bailey add capacity and new skills to our busy team in Tauranga. We have also been working closely with an innovative Engineering Company from Tauranga to provide comprehensive solutions to strategic partners, and are looking forward to adding that capacity to our Pukekohe office in the New Year