What can you expect from our planning team?

The Birch planning team have a "can do" attitude designed to assist our clients to find solutions to their land development projects, whether these are greenfield subdivisions, intensification projects, plan changes, or land-use developments. Whether they are working on simple or complex projects, they are skilled at facilitating solutions to issues through clear communications with clients, other consultants and Council's planning team.

Working as part of an established land development team ensures our planning staff have a diverse range of experience. This includes involvement in subdivisions, landuses, plan changes, and providing general planning advice to clients or to the rest of our team.

Their strength stems firstly from a broad training in Resource planning, ongoing professional development, and a supportive environment that encourages innovative thinking.

Project types

There are four main project types that our planning team are involved in. Each of these are explained in the side menus on this page. In summary these are:

  • Advising on and Preparing Subdivisions applications
  • Advising on and Preparing Land-Uses applications
  • Facilitating and preparing Private plan changes
  • Private and industry inputs into Council initiated plan changes

Our planners work on a broad range of projects across all of our branches, and are familar with the specific planning controls in each area. If you are needing planning advice call any one of our offices, and we will put you in touch with the right planner for your project.