Leverage 30 years of expertise in navigating the complexities of council plan changes. Our dedicated team at Birch Land Development Consultants, with offices in Auckland, Pukekohe, Hamilton, Tairua, and Tauranga, stands ready to advocate on behalf of local residents, property developers, urban planners, and councils.

Why Council Plan Changes Matter to You

The Resource Management Act mandates local councils to periodically review their district and regional plans. However, plan changes can be initiated at any time, potentially impacting land zoning, land use, and subdivision within your community. Understanding these changes is critical for ensuring your interests and your vision for the community are represented.

Depending on the complexity of a plan change the process tends to be very long, involve considerable consultation with communities, and be very costly to Council (i.e., very costly to ratepayers).

Why Birch?

  • Vast Experience: Three decades of operation in land development consultation.
  • Strategic Locations: Our presence across the upper North Island brings us closer to you.
  • Expert Team: Qualified professionals with a deep understanding of land surveying, civil engineering, and resource planning.

Our involvement with council-initiated plan changes tends to be twofold. Firstly, we are regularly engaged by those parties directly affected by plan changes to act on their behalf through the process of consultation, preparation of submissions, attendance at hearings, and frequently post-decision mediation meetings.

Secondly, many Plan changes have a wide effect on the community. In these cases, we will often make submissions on our accord, on the basis that we have a community responsibility to be a party to the proceedings so that our professional knowledge and expertise on land use and subdivisions is taken into consideration during the plan change. That is, we try to represent the community as a whole, many of whom may be adversely affected by plan changes without being aware of the proceedings or the process.

Your Guiding Partners in Plan Changes

Our involvement is comprehensive:

Representative Advocacy

We effectively represent directly affected parties, ensuring your voice and concerns are heard throughout consultations, submission preparations, and potentially, mediation.

Community Stewardship

For plan changes with broader impacts, we step forward to make submissions on the community's behalf. It's our firm belief that professional input can significantly influence outcomes favourably.

Our Involvement Encompasses:

  • Personalised Consultation: We tailor our consultancy to address your specific circumstances.
  • Verification and Submission: Attention to detail in preparing and submitting critiques to council proposals.
  • Public Hearings and Mediation: Persuasive representation at vital council hearings and negotiations.

Get Informed, Stay Involved

Whether you're concerned about proposed council plan changes or need expert interpretation of how these could affect you, Birch Land Development Consultants are your knowledgeable allies.

  • Wide Monitoring: Keeping an eye on multiple local councils aids us in forecasting trends and pre-emptively addressing potential issues.
  • Accessible Expertise: Get in touch, and one of our professional team members will assist you with all you need to know about local plan changes.

Start protecting your interests today. Contact Birch Land Development Consultants for guidance and representation that serve both you and your community.

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