The Birch team have extensive expertise in Land Subdivision, and we approach every subdivision project from a team approach, and strive to achieve success for all our clients, no matter the scale or complexity of the project. Call into our offices and talk to one of our team to discuss your subdivision with us.

We have showcased a few examples of our subdivisions on our project pages, and are constantly refreshing the content, to provide a balanced portfolio of the projects we have been involved in, in recent years. The side menu on this page provides some general information on when land can be subdivided, and the various costs that are likely to be involved in subdividing land.

A subdivision is defined under S218 of the Resource Management Act. In general terms it is the splitting up of a parcel of land. This may occur by way of:

  • The issue of a separate title for part of that land.
  • By a lease for more than 35 years for part of a parcel of land.
  • By a Company lease or Crosslease for part of that land, or
  • By a Unit plan over part of that land.

Most people understand a subdivision as the creation of a new parcel of land with it's own certificate of title, but it does include any of the four methods above.

A number of subdivisions do not result in the creation of additional titles, but are simply an adjustments or relocations of existing titles. However, all subdivisions requires the consent of the local council, no matter how minor, and this is achieved by submitting an application for subdivision consent to the Council.

We have published a pamphlet called "Subdivision - understanding the process". This explains in more details how Birch manage the subdivision process for you to ensure that the best possible consent is obtained, and assists with explaining some of the terms commonly used in the subdivision process.