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First steps to subdivision

21 February 2012

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The majority of property owners are never involved in the process of land subdivision. However sometimes the opportunity to subdivide your own property or a portion of land you are considering acquiring comes along. Where do you start?

You could call in to Council and ask to speak to a planning officer, who should be able to identify the rules which govern subdivision in your area, but they will not give you professional advice on whether to apply for a consent. An initial consultation with us (which is normally free of charge) will clarify the various issues involved. At this meeting we will determine whether you can subdivide and explain the processes involved in subdividing land, and some indication of the likely costs involved. It is helpful if you can come equipped with a copy of your title, or a recent rates notice which shows the legal description and size of the property.

There are other professionals whom you need to be talking with at any early stage. The reason for this is that there are many facets involved which include marketing, legal aspects, valuation, tax considerations, and of course the subdivision of the land itself.