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Staff Required

24 November 2020

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

No doubt we will remember 2020 as the year of Covid, lockdowns, queues outside supermarkets, roads without cars, facemasks, sports events without crowds, and many other unusual events.

It was a challenging year for businesses, as we adapted to new ways of working remotely, and managing cashflows with more outgoings than incomings.

But as we changed the way we worked, it also prepared us for post covid workloads and new opportunities. Having reached the end of November, we now find ourselves with increasing workloads and a need to employ more staff. But how we are working and employing staff has changed. Birch Surveyors have offices in Auckland, Pukekohe, Hamilton, Tauranga and Tairua. We now advertise for staff within the Company, but which office they are located in has become less relevant. It is more about their “fit” within the company, not where they are working from.

We are currently looking for Licensed Cadastral Surveyors, and could immediately place a suitable candidate at any of our offices. The Company also has a position for a Senior Resource Management Planner. If either of these roles suit you, please contact any of our offices. We would love to talk with you.