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Surveying Careers

22 March 2021

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

There is a current very high demand for Surveying staff, particularly with those who have professional qualifications. Survey graduates generally find it very easy to obtain employment in locations which suit their lifestyles.

The Survey School in Otago offers a four year professional degree resulting in a Bachelor of Land Surveying. The first year is an intermediate year where a range of papers can be completed. Positions in the Survey course are limited and fluctuate over time and a position requires good results in the Intermediate year. The remaining three years involve an intensive course of study specifically designed for Survey students. The course also involves practical work during the year and a number of training camps. A graduate then needs to complete approximately two years employment, submit a range of projects, and complete a professional examination in order to become a licensed Surveyor.

 An alternative technical course of study is provided by the Polytechs resulting in a National Diploma in Land Surveying. Although qualified technicians cannot become licensed Surveyors, they undertake most aspects of a Surveyor’s role, and are a valuable part of a Surveying office.

Birch Surveyors employs a number of graduates and technicians and provide assistance for those undertaking a course of study. The NZ Institute of Surveyors website provides more information about courses of study and career opportunities. If you are interested visit