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Exciting times.

23 February 2017

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Here we are and it is almost the end of February. What happened to the first 2 months of the year. We started with a blazing inferno on the adjoining property which threatened to take out our office. Thank goodness it didn’t, thanks to the quick work of the fire brigade (many thanks guys), but it shows the importance of fire drills.

You don’t need to look very far to see large new developments happening all over the District and these have come about through the new Unitary Plan provisions, the Special Housing legislation, and plan changes implemented during the administration of the Franklin District Council. The effects of this growth is easy to see, even at an early stage. More traffic, longer queues, more people placing demands on existing services, buses (pretty empty at the moment!), road works, etc. But with this will come better services, more facilities, more vibrant towns, busier businesses, and more options.

Growth is here to stay, and if it doesn’t fit with our lifestyles, we still have choices which we can exercise. But these are certainly exciting times for Franklin.