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Whats happening in 2011

20 January 2011

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

New Year is always a time for reflection on the past year and planning for the new year.

In our industry, decisions made by our Local Councils can have more effect on opportunities for our clients than the level of confidence in the economy. It is easy to see the trend in subdivision that has developed over the last two decades, which is a significant shift from growth and subdivision in rural areas to intensification in urban areas, and peripheral growth around existing urban centres. This trend has been driven by urban designers and Regional Policies. There is no doubt that this will continue to be driven by the new Auckland Council.

As an aside, internationally, there is conflicting evidence that intensification is better for our community and environment, than other methods of accommodating growth.

 The Franklin region (dare I say District!) has always experienced strong growth because of it’s location, proximity to Auckland and Hamilton, and inherent attributes. And there is nothing to suggest this will change. However we can, under the jurisdiction of Auckland City, expect very limited opportunities for subdivision in Rural areas, and a corresponding greater opportunity for subdivision in around existing urban areas and villages.

So whatever changes 2011 brings, remember the anonymous quote, “If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies”