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Auckland Council Unitary Plan

18 February 2013

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Auckland Council is due to release their first draft Unitary Plan by the end of March 2013. This document will, once adopted, replace all zoning and planning controls for Auckland, and all former planning documents such as the Franklin District Plan will cease to have effect.

Will you be affected? Existing activities will not be affected by these changes. However future development rights may change for your property or properties in your neighbourhood. Further subdivision and building controls could alter. Auckland Council have indicated that they are looking for consistency in planning controls across the Auckland Region

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the planning process, by making submissions and attending hearings. Key dates are:

1. Release of draft plan in March 2013. This has no statutory basis and is being released for consultation purposes. However Auckland Council will be seeking submissions on this draft.

2. Following consultation, the Unitary Plan will be released for public submissions in September 2013

How long will the process take? Special provisions have been made to speed up this planning process and avoid unreasonable delays. Remember the Rural Plan Change which started about 10 years ago and is still uncompleted!!!!

Keep up to date with changes, by reading articles in the local papers, watch our website for updates, or come and talk to one of our staff for further information or advice.