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Avoiding Building Consent Blunders

21 March 2024

AUTHOR:James Oakley

To avoid unnecessary delays and costs it is vital that projects requiring building consent also recognise the requirements of the District Plan. These plans are essentially the ‘rule book’ on how land/resources can be used throughout the district. It is not unusual for a project as simple as a new dwelling to require resource consent for other matters. This may be the case if (for example): there are earthworks involved, natural features on-site or if there are restrictions on the title such as a consent notice.

Failure to be proactive about this will result in Council issuing what’s called a s37 certificate. This certificate will prevent the building consent from being implemented and ultimately delay physical work until the matter is resolved. Options to address a s37 certificate include obtaining resource consent or changing the project to suit. Ultimately, both of these options will stall the project highlighting the importance of identifying potential issues at the earliest possible stage.   

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