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BC or LUC - what do you need?

17 May 2024

AUTHOR:Tim Simons

When do you need a Land Use consent as well as a Building Consent?

What is the difference and how do these relate?

A Building Consent (BC) is required for all construction work in New Zealand excluding some low risk or minor work and is typically made-up of an application, detailed plans, and specifications which is lodged with your local Council. The proposal needs to comply with the Building Code.

A Land Use Consent (LUC) is required where the building proposal exceeds the permitted Land Use rules for your site. The rules relevant to your proposal can differ from council to council, town to town, even property to property.

This can get confusing and it pays to use local experienced professionals which will save you money and time.

For example:

If you propose to construct a garage closer to the boundary, higher, with significant earthworks required exceeding the permitted land use rules then you are likely looking at both a building consent for the garage, and a land use consent for the yard, height and earthworks encroachments.

We have offices in 5 locations and cover a large area and range of district plans so whether you are renovating your bach in Clarks Beach, or Tairua, or your house in Pukekohe or Tauranga, we can assist with any Land Use Consents.