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Close off date for submissions

20 September 2018

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

By the time this article is published, there will remain only two weeks for submissions to be made to the Proposed Waikato District Plan. The Proposed plan can be read online on the Waikato District Council website. Submissions need to made before 5pm Tuesday 9 October, 2018.

Once submissions have been received, a summary of submissions will be published, and there will be opportunities for further submissions. Further submissions can only support or oppose submissions that have already been made – they can not introduce new topics. Following the further submission process, there will be hearings to consider all the submissions and decisions will be made on the Proposed Plan. The Resource Management Act also provides for appeals to be made to the Environment Court on the final decision.

A proposed plan can be difficult to read as it tends to be a large document, and the process of submissions, further submissions, hearings and appeals is a long process. The Council website contains information on the process, how submissions can be made, an option to contact Council with questions, as well as a full copy of the document and planning maps.

If you support these new provisions and wish us to include your name in a list of  property owners who support these rules, or wish to engage us to prepare other submissions on your behalf, please contact our planning team on 09 2371111, or use our query form at