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Council initiated Plan changes (Pt 2)

9 May 2012

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

A recent article explained what a District or City plan contains and how these rules can change. This article gives you information on how these changes can affect you and what you can do about it.

The rules in the plan restrict your rights to use your land the way you want, and therefore any changes to these plans can potentially create further restrictions. Rural ratepayers across the country are increasingly seeing a loss of subdivision rights as one Council after another modifies the provisions of their District or City Plans. Urban ratepayers are experiencing Councils imposing higher development standards and changes to the urban environment.

How can this affect you? If you purchase or own a property and plan to undertake a particular activity (build a house, subdivide, undertake a rural activity, etc) and new rules are notified then these can adversely affect what you can do.

What can you do? If you are purchasing a property you should ask Council about any proposed rule changes that might affect your plans.

If you own a property take an interest in any publicity about plan changes and become involved in the processes.

How can we help? We monitor all plan changes in our areas and advocate on behalf of our clients and the community in general. We have significant experience in the Local Government sector and will ensure you have the most update information about plan changes, and we will advocate on your behalf if you need assistance.