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Future Urban Zone

20 October 2015

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

One of the zoning provisions which has been included in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan is a Future Urban Zone (FUZ). In the southern areas of Auckland (ie Franklin), the FUZ is a corridor of land encompassing the NorthWestern and SouthEastern areas of Pukekohe and to the North including Paerata, Wesley College and through to the Pukekohe Golf Club, and also land North and South of SH22 on the Western side of Drury. This is a large area of land, and the zoning of this land as future urban has created huge unrealistic expectations of immediate rezoning for residential uses.

The proposed Unitary Plan does not intend that this land is available for immediate residential use, but rather that over time (30 years), the alternative uses for this land will be investigated, and that land that is appropriate for residential or business use will be subject to further investigation and possible plan changes. The Unitary Plan thus earmarks land that may be available to accommodate future growth requirements, and enables this to be released as appropriate.