Rt Hon. Sir William Birch



After concluding an illustrious career in Parliament spanning 27 years, Sir William took up his Surveying tools once again and in 2000 commenced working with Birch (a company his son Kevin had established in 1989), as a consultant. He had originally established a Surveying practice in Pukekohe in 1957 and played a key role in the development and growth of Pukekohe and the surrounding areas in the 1960's and early 1970's, both as a surveyor and a member of the local Pukekohe Borough Council.

A significant component of his time is spent on managing and facilitating Plan Changes and larger scale developments which require all his negotiating and mediation skills together with a sound background in Planning, Surveying and Civil Engineering. 

The younger Surveyors, Planners and Engineers in the Company benefit from his wide knowledge and his willingness to share and mentor them during their post-graduate training years.

After work, he loves tending to the gardens, native trees, and steers on his 10 hectare farmlet in Drury, or sharing time with friends and family.