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19 August 2021

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Hopefully by the time this article goes to print we will have returned to a more normal method of business, after one week of lockdown in Level 4. I was extremely proud of the team at Birch Surveyors, as they immediately switched back into lockdown mode, locked up the offices and moved quickly to work remotely from home. This was down with minimal disruption to the business and with little interruption to work on our clients projects. Clearly field work needed to be postponed but meetings either turned to zoom meetings or were postponed if they were not urgent.

It is interesting to note the stream of emails which continue to arrive to arrive in the Inbox demonstrating that many consultants and professional businesses have transitioned to Lockdown as and when required. However Covid continues to cause social and financial burdens on our society in so many ways. The sooner we see the back of Covid 19 the better. This lastest lockdown shows that the slow rollout of the vaccine in NZ was unacceptable, and hopefully progresses more rapidly now. Keep safe everyone and support those around you.