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Business in Level 2 and 3

23 September 2021

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The benefit of having branch offices in Auckland, Pukekohe, Hamilton, Tairua and Tauranga was demonstrated when Auckland and the rest of the country were in different lock down levels. Although our Auckland and Pukekohe staff have mainly worked from home, our other staff have been able to return to their offices and continue undertaking field work. With about 30% of our staff based outside Auckland, and this number increasing, this geographic diversity brings benefits to our staff and our clients.

With a return to Level 3 in Auckland this week, our Pukekohe and Auckland staff have also been able to commence field work, with the remainder of staff working remotely. The nature of our projects is that approximately 50% of our work is field based which is then followed up with office work. We are not able to undertake field work at Level 4 because we are not deemed an essential service.

While we all look forward to a return to a more normal life, it is still amazing what can be accomplished in these times