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Covid policies

20 October 2021

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Like many businesses we are currently putting thoughts into developing a Pandemic policy for our workplace. And like most others, we are constrained by the lack of certainty on what can reasonably be included. Not only are companies preparing such policies, they are also inserting new clauses into Employment agreements. To some extent it is easier to clarify the company position for new Employees than it is for existing employees.

Clearly the primary focus is to protect our staff and their families and our clients from the adverse effects of such a pandemic such as Covid. Such a policy document needs to balance the Health and Safety needs with the Privacy and Rights of individuals, both staff and clients.

Having to deal with the many issues which have arisen during the various stages of lockdown, we are at least aware of many of the aspects that may need to be covered in preparing a Pandemic Policy. It is not simply a matter of developing a Company wide position on whether staff must be vaccinated or not.

Hopefully, there will be greater clarity, guidance and leadership on the issue, so that this does not become a major litigious issue for many companies around NZ