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Staff changes

21 July 2015

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

With the economy and particularly the Real Estate market in Auckland kicking along strongly at the moment, the demand for consultant services, such as Surveying remains very strong. This is placing high demands on our team and we recently advertised for additional staff in both the Pukekohe and Tauranga offices.

Having recently appointed a senior planner in Tauranga, she has since resigned to focus on family matters, and we have been fortunate to find a replacement planner quickly.

We are now looking for senior survey staff in Tauranga and will shortly appoint an additional Surveyors assistant in Pukekohe.

As previously reported the extra work is also extending timeframes for Land Information NZ and is likely to affect compliance times for local authorities. Staff changes in other organizations which manage infrastructure can also have dramatic effects on turn around times for obtaining consents to infrastructural connections.

Recent commentary on the causes of the overheated Auckland Real Estate market may have generated a lot of discussion, but whatever the source of the demand, it is a shortage of supply driving the price!