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Auckland Unitary Plan hearings

18 August 2015

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The Unitary Plan Hearings Committee of Auckland Council is now well into its scheduled evidence exchange and hearings. These hearings are to consider the vast array of submissions that were received to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. This plan will replace all the District and City Plans that existed prior to the formation of Auckland Council, and will set out all the Rules and Controls that govern how land owners can use and develop their land.

We have been extremely busy assisting clients in preparing their evidence and rebuttal evidence and attending mediation and hearing sessions. This is a time consuming and expensive undertaking for many affected parties, but essential in order to ensure that the controls in the Unitary Plan do not undermine established or proposed landuses and developments, or adversely affect intended changes to any existing uses.

For the vast majority of landowners, the Unitary Plan is of little consequence, until such time as they need to apply for land development consents, and for many people this will never happen. It is fortunate for the vast majority that a smaller minority are closely scrutinizing these documents to ensure a fair and logical system of land controls are in place.