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Further Submissions to Auckland Unitary Plan

17 June 2014

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Auckland Council have now released a Summary of Submissions to the Unitary Plan. If you are one of the more than 9400 individuals or organizations who made submissions, then you will have been advised on this update. The summary of submissions is a list of all the submissions that have been made and a brief summary on the changes requested. Some submissions include just one request, while others involve hundreds or thousands. In total, there are more than 93,600 unique requests, represented in the Summary of Submissions as summary points. 

Auckland Council have now invited any further submissions to the Unitary Plan. Further submissions can only relate to matters raised in an original submission and either support or oppose that submission. Further submissions need to be received by Council by Tuesday 22 July 2014. If you are making a further submission then you must also send a copy of your further submission to the original submitter, within five working days of lodging it with the council.

The link to the Unitary Plan is easy to find on the Auckland Council website, but for reference is located at: