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Landuse Consents

25 May 2017

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Although my articles have often focused on Surveying issues, a significant component of the work we undertake for clients, is in the preparation of Landuse applications. A landuse application is required for any use of a property that the Local Plan does not permit as of right. Under the Auckland Unitary Plan many buildings now require Landuse consents. This is different to a Building Consent which is required to demonstrate compliance with Building Codes.

The preparation of Landuse consents requires an understanding of the Rules of the Unitary Plan or District Plan and how these rules are interpreted and applied. Since the introduction of, and the  complexity of the Unitary Plan we have employed additional planning staff who are well qualified to prepare these applications through their formal training and experience. Our planning staff often require a carefully prepared site plan prepared by our Surveying team, and then frequently work in closely with other consultants, such as Engineers and Architects who provide structural or civil design for buildings or infrastructure to ensure a comprehensive and thorough consent is obtained.

If you have any queries about landuse consents, do not hesitate to contact our team on Pukekohe 09 2371111 or Auckland 09 5712004