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What's Been Happening

25 June 2020

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

When I last wrote, about a month ago, we had just moved to Level 2, and the country subsequently celebrated when we finally got to level 1. When we compare the situation we are currently in with many others around the world, we can be very fortunate. Hopefully we will remain in this situation.

Our many weeks of lockdown gave many of us an appreciation of what we had, and the importance of taking care of relationships. It reminded us that we don’t live in isolation and that we are accountable to others around us, that our actions affect others, and we can’t afford to be self-centered. For all of the negative aspects of this pandemic, there have been positives.

Moving to Level 1, we can now build on strong frameworks that were already there and strengthen ourselves, our relationships, and our businesses. Unfortunately there will be good businesses that will not survive, but hopefully these will resurface in the not so distant future.

In our Auckland office, we have been pleased to appoint an additional survey graduate, who has moved up from Christchurch. And in Hamilton, we will shortly be relocating to larger premises, but close to our existing offices. There is an air of optimism in the industry, albeit with some obvious cautiousness.