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Still at work

22 May 2020

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The past 8 weeks or so has been a period in our lives we will never forget, but hopefully something we don’t have to repeat. The effects on individuals, relationships, businesses and communities have been far reaching and will continue to be so for a long time to come. It is so sad to see the suffering that C-19 and lockdown has caused around the world.

Birch Surveyors have been fortunate that none of our staff or families have contracted the virus and that in general we have been able to set up our systems to work remotely where we could. Field work was deferred, but office work could continue and we all kept in regular contact with one another, and communicated with our clients on progress.

Now that we are at Level 2, and hopefully reach Level 1 soon, we are all back to working at our offices, and are back into full swing with field work. Like others, some of our procedures have changed, and we are required to keep a contact register of staff, clients, and contractors visiting the office. Hygiene is at a higher level, but with Winter approaching this is probably not a bad thing.

Clearly, new projects slowed down, over the last 8 weeks, so we are slowing building up steam again. If you have postponed projects, now is a good time to get these going again, to stimulate the economy and keep the country on a sustainable path to recovery.