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Knowing Your Boundaries

19 August 2020

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Auckland Level 3 lockdown has put new meaning to respecting boundaries. Life is different depending on which side of the Auckland Council boundary you live on – “lockdown or relative freedom”. Our Surveyors and Planners have always been well aware of the differences. Different rules apply depending on which side of the boundary you are on. And the differences are subtly similar, in a strange way. Freedom or controls?

Of course knowing your boundaries, has always been the role of Surveyors. Boundaries can be unclear without creating issues. It is usually when fences need to be constructed or renewed, or when structures such as buildings or infrastructure are located close to the boundaries that clearly defined, accurate and demarcated boundaries become important.

Often Council will insist that boundaries are clearly defined before progress can be made with a development. If you are having trouble with boundaries, you can speak to Council, but they will probably refer you to a Surveyor, who has the skills and authority to re-establish boundaries in the correct place. Remember if you want to make progress you must know your boundaries.