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Verifying Boundaries

22 June 2019

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

We are regularly engaged to provide advice on boundary issues particularly where neighbours are trying to sort out boundaries in order to build or repair boundary fences, or when owners are undertaking additions to buildings. Issues sometimes arise when building work is undertaken close to a boundary, without first verifying the correct boundary position, or in some cases, homeowners simply choosing to ignore boundary pegs. In many cases Councils require verification of the boundary when building work is located close to a boundary

Reinstating boundary positions has always been an important role for Surveyors as only Licensed Surveyors are permitted to position boundary pegs, and it is an offence to remove or disturb boundary marks, including boundary pegs. The regulations governing the documentation required when boundary pegs are replaced has significantly altered over the years so if you have any doubts about your title boundary positions, talk to a Surveyor before the event, so it doesn’t become a matter of litigation