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Quality Processes

23 May 2019

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

At Birch Surveyors we focus on providing quality consistent results, constantly improving our services, and providing a stimulating rewarding work environment for our staff.

Many years ago we adopted the internationally recognized ISO standard, as a means of ensuring quality and constant improvement. This is a well defined and documented system setting out procedures and processes adopted by Birch Surveyors. It covers a wide range of systems across many disciplines. To maintain the integrity of the system itself, it is externally audited every 12 months, and requires an annual certification in order for us to continue to be certified. Our plans depict the Quality trademark of our auditors, and we take pride in the quality of the work we do.

Our quality system is unique to our Company, which allows us to constantly redefine the system and constantly improve the way we provide services. And although quality usually comes with a cost, our integrated management systems create efficiencies that allow us to remain competitive in a strong market.