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23 April 2019

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Some common expressions used in Surveying and Land subdivision:

Licensed Surveyor – A surveyor who has graduated from University with a degree in Surveying, has completed post-graduate training and experience, and has passed professional examinations allowing them to undertake and authorize Land Transfer Surveys.

Land Transfer Surveys – legal surveys undertaken which create or amend titles.

Some common expressions from the Resource Management Act (RMA):

Section 92 request – a request from a Council for more information before an application can be processed.

Section 223 certificate – a certificate issued by Council confirming that the subdivision has been carried on in terms of a consent granted.

Section 224 certificate – a certificate issued by Council confirming that all conditions of consent have now been satisfied.

Notification – a process whereby Council advertises that an application for Subdivision or Landuse consent has been received, and allows affected parties to be involved in the process.

Subdivision application – an application to a Council requesting approval for the legal boundaries of an existing title be amended, which may include a request for the creation of additional titles.

Land Use application – an application to Council (either Local or Regional) requesting approval to use land in a manner which is not permitted without a consent being granted.