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Focus on Quality

21 March 2019

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Being in the business of Land Development is enjoyable and stimulating and assisting clients by providing expert advice is rewarding. The process of subdivision or land development, is in itself systematic and requires technical knowledge, which includes the skills to manage projects for maximum returns to investors. And these systems and skills are common to most Surveying practices.

Where Birch Surveyors differs is in our approach. Our focus is to assist clients, protect and enhance existing environments and create better living environments for the future. Our Surveyors, Engineers and Planners based in Auckland, Pukekohe, Hamilton, Tairua and Tauranga provide expert advice on how a land development or subdivision can protect existing environmental features and through careful design provide better living environments.

Over the last 30 years we have been involved in the protection of thousands of hectares of native bush and native wetlands which are now protected in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations. In many cases the existing feature has been significantly restored from a degraded state, or enhanced through additional plantings.

Better developments can be created by good urban design, a desire to creating environmentally friendly living environments, and a commitment by the developer to quality. There are some very good examples of such developments, but unfortunately also some examples where poor living environments have been created in recent times.