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Stormwater design and flood assessments

20 June 2023

AUTHOR:Kelly Bosgra (Pukekohe)

Floods, devastating natural disasters, have long plagued human settlements worldwide. As climate change intensifies, it becomes crucial to understand rainfall patterns when designing Stormwater systems.

Rainfall frequency refers to the likelihood and recurrence of rainfall events in a particular area over a given time frame. By analysing historical data and studying rainfall patterns, scientists can estimate the probability of rain events occurring over a certain time period.  Understanding this is important as it enables authorities to develop appropriate infrastructure and land-use policies, taking into account potential flood risks. To improve rainfall frequency analysis, ongoing monitoring systems and data collection efforts are essential.

How can we help? Birch Land Development Consultants have a team of qualified and experienced Engineers and Registered Professional Surveyors that can undertake stormwater design and flood assessments. We use the latest and most appropriate rainfall values to ensure the most efficient and effective outcomes for your project, from small sites to large scale developments.