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Spring Activities around the District

24 October 2019

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The start of Spring came, but for some reason the weather didn’t match the season. Generally major earthworks associated with land developments cease over the Winter months and recommence in Spring. But with the inclement weather we have had during October, many of these earthworks have been delayed.

Anyone travelling around the District will have observed a number of very significant developments around Paerata, Drury South, Drury West and Hingaia. These are associated with significant housing projects. Some of these emanated from a Special Housing project initiated by the Government to address a housing shortage, while others reflect specific zoning changes that started many years ago. All these projects are or will have significant impacts on traffic volumes, traffic flows, parking and demands for services in the southern parts of Auckland.

With November not far away, we can expect less wet days, which are more conducive to earthworks, and hence more activity on some of these projects. Spring is also a good time to be redeveloping marginal areas and wetlands with new plantings whether these are associated with land developments or on rural blocks. Such plantings have had major environmental benefits in our rural areas over the last few decades, and it is pleasing to see our native bird life flourishing around the District.