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Setting Out

25 September 2023

AUTHOR:Tim Simons (Tairua)

With many historic properties now being developed, it is paramount to ensure buildings and features are located in the correct position in relationship to the property boundaries.

Whilst most Territorial Authorities will ensure it is a requirement to have a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor certify that a building has been set out in accordance with the approved plans, it can often be missed.

To avoid any doubt or confusion, we would highly recommended that a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, such as Birch, is utilised to assist in any set out works which needs to be accurately undertaken. It is worth engaging with as at an early stage in the development to ensure an efficient process is achieved and errors do not incur. Whether it’s making sure a fence is positioned where it needs to be, or establishing foundations for a new dwelling, Birch has you covered