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Where have all the Surveyors gone?

16 July 2013

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Where have all the Surveyors gone?? Since the start of the year we have been recruiting additional Surveying Staff both nationally through our Institute’s Website and through our own website, as well as through sites such as “Seek”. We are continuing to look for suitably qualified staff.

Nationally, building and land development activity seems to be variable depending on the locality, with some areas reporting minimal activity. The Christchurch earthquake has resulted in significant demand for Surveyors in Canterbury and a number of Survey firms have recently opened offices there.

There is also anecdotal evidence that Survey graduates are being strongly enticed across the ditch by the attractive remuneration packages offered in the mining industry.

With the projected growth in the Auckland region over the next two decades and evidence of increasing activity in areas such as Tauranga, the demand for Surveying staff in these areas will continue to be strong.

This creates opportunities for qualified Surveying staff to seek better employment positions with strong longterm futures. If you know of Surveyors seeking career opportunities, we would love to hear from them.