Applicability & Limitations

  • This report contains the professional opinion of Birch Surveyors Limited (Birch) relating to this specific project in support of a resource consent application as per the brief given to us.
  • Birch employees have used their professional judgement and acted in accordance with the standards of care and skill normally exercised by a professional providing similar services in similar circumstances. This report does not convey any explicit or implicit guarantee regarding the professional guidance it contains.
  • Birch have prepared this report in accordance with the brief provided and following our terms of engagement. The information contained in this report has been prepared by Birch for the client noted hereon and is exclusively for the use and reliance of our client, and it may not be relied upon in other contexts or for any other purpose, or by any person other than our client, without our prior written agreement.
  • Should this report contain estimates for future quantities either physical or time related, those estimates can only be considered current and will only reflect the extent to which the detail of the project is known to Birch at the time given. The client is solely responsible for obtaining updated estimates from Birch as the details of the project evolve and/or as time elapses.
  • This report does not address issues which would need to be considered for another party if that parties’ particular circumstances, requirements and experience were known and, further, may make assumptions about matters of which a third party is not aware. No responsibility or liability to any third party is accepted for any loss or damage arising out of the use of or reliance on this report by any third party.
  • This report may also contain or be based on information that has been provided to Birch from independent sources or by other parties. This report has been prepared strictly on the basis that the information that has been provided is accurate, completed, and adequate. To the extent that any information is inaccurate, incomplete, or inadequate, Birch takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss or damage that results from any design and assessment based on information that has been provided to Birch.
  • This report must only be read or transmitted in its entirety, including the appendices.