Glasshouse or Greenhouse’s are often provided for in the District Plan’s as a permitted rural activity. However, all the other works required to develop a commercial scale glasshouse or greenhouse can trigger land use consents and engineering requirements. The number of consents triggered will range depending on the scale of the proposal and the Council rules and regulations of the location. Consents for earthworks, stormwater and waste water discharges, water take, bore, nutrient discharges and packhouse facilities are some of the range of consents that may be needed to enable the commercial glasshouse or greenhouse activity. Engineering design and layout for stormwater treatment, control, retention and or detention, vehicular access and transport, discharges of wastewater and or nutrients, water supply and storage, and utility services are all important considerations to be made.

We have worked with several important customers over the years to develop site layout plans, obtain the required land use consents and engineering approvals needed, and managed the development and construction of the site in readiness for the glasshouse/greenhouse to be constructed. This also includes facilitating relevant specialist reporting such as geotechnical, bore water takes and nutrient discharge on behalf of our customers.  We work alongside glasshouse and greenhouse suppliers, builders and architects, to provide professional planning and engineering advice to prepare your site for development.

If you are proposing a glasshouse development and need a Detailed site plan, Planning assistance for the various consents, Engineering design for the Earthworks, or Surveying setouts for the earthworks, siltponds, or buildings, then give one of our staff a call and we can provide all the professional assistance you require.