All subdivisions have a significant Planning component

Birch have a can-do attitude, and many of our clients have obtained exceptional outcomes through our knowledge and expertise of the RMA and subdivision rules. Call into our offices and talk to one of team members to discuss your subdivision with us.

All subdivisions require a consent to be issued by the local authority, and in order to obtain this a robust planning report is required to be submitted to Council. This report provides details of the application, an assessment of how the application meets the various rules of the plan, and an assessment against the relevant clauses of the Resource Management Act. Our planners have extensive knowledge of District and Regional Plans and an indepth understanding of the RMA. This enables them to prepare robust and thorough subdivision applications. Their expertise in this area has frequently been mentioned by Council staff processing subdivision applications for our clients.

Examples of our subdivisions can be seen on our project pages.

A subdivision is defined under S218 of the Resource Management Act. In general terms it is the splitting up of a parcel of land. This may occur by way of:

  • The issue of a separate title for part of that land.
  • By a lease for more than 35 years for part of a parcel of land.
  • By a Company lease or Crosslease for part of that land, or
  • By a Unit plan over part of that land.

Most people understand a subdivision as the creation of a new parcel of land with it's own certificate of title, but it does include any of the four methods above. A number of subdivisions do not result in the creation of additional titles, but are simply an adjustments or relocations of existing titles.

Please contact us if you are contemplating a subdivision or just want information on whether a subdivision is  a viable option for you.