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Potholes and Road Cones!

23 January 2023

AUTHOR:Mark Hatten (Auckland)

Potholes and Road Cones!

We hope that you have all had a relaxing break and are refreshed for the year ahead. It is anticipated that “the Year of the Rabbit” will present some economic challenges but there are plenty of great opportunities to add value to your property through subdivision, development, and title conversion. You maybe surprised at what you can achieve on your site, no matter what the size or location. We encourage you to get in touch with us and to speak with our knowledgeable surveyors and planners about options.

Potholes and road cones? While these are a frustration to us all, particularly during the holidays with many people on the roads, it is important to remember that we must slow down around worksites. This is vitally important for the safety of all workers, and particularly our surveyors and engineers involved in roading, infrastructure, and subdivision projects. It is also important to keep your speed down when travelling through what appears to be completed roadworks, with road cones and speed restrictions still in place. Why is it important? Because a new road surface takes time to bed in properly, and anything other than low speed within the first few weeks can damage it – potential leading to loose stones and potholes! So please slowdown when you see road cones. For the sake of our team’s safety. For the sake of your car’s paintwork, tyres and suspension, AND to avoid prolonging road repair work!

Happy New Year to you all.