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Quality Processes

20 September 2011

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The recent debacle with the Auckland trains made me think about how companies avert disasters from occurring. Generally it is a case of having rigorous and tested systems in place, and ensuring that these are observed. And then having a system of review which results in constant improvement.

Birch Surveyors adopted the internationally recognized ISO standard, as a means of ensuring quality and constant improvement. This is a well defined and documented system setting out procedures and processes adopted by Birch Surveyors. It covers a wide range of systems across many disciplines. To maintain the integrity of the system itself, it is externally audited every 12 months.

Our quality system is unique to the Company, which allows us to constantly redefine the system and constantly improve the way we provide services. Does it work for our clients?. We have one of the highest acceptance rates for surveys by Land Information NZ. This means faster approval times and lower overhead costs and lower fees for our clients.