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Draft Auckland Plan

18 October 2011

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The Draft Auckland Plan is a document released by Auckland Council and planned to be adopted by Council in February 2012. It sets out Auckland Council’s vision on how the region will grow and develop over the next 30 years. It’s importance is that it will be the guiding document for all future regulatory documents produced by Auckland, such as the Unitary plan which controls landuses and subdivision across the region. And Auckland Council will adopt the view that any proposal that is inconsistent with the Auckland Plan is unacceptable. The problem for citizens of Auckland is that although Council has given you an opportunity to voice your opinion, they don’t have to listen, and you have no rights to object or appeal their decision. So what does it say?

Firstly, Auckland Council believe that growth in Auckland should occur through intensification. More people living in the same area – more highrise apartments, and fewer single storied detached dwellings. And they intend to control this by putting a line in the sand, and saying no growth beyond that line.

Secondly, Auckland Council want to prevent subdivision in almost all rural areas. They believe that this will result in increased production from the rural sector and enhance the economy of Auckland.

Submissions to the draft plan close on the 25th October 2012. Whether you wanted to be part of Auckland or not – is this the Auckland you want to be part of?