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Building work near the Ocean?

17 November 2023

AUTHOR:Tim Simons

Following recent rule and regulation changes building in coastal areas has become much more difficult and expensive and home owners, designers, and builders are often getting caught out. If you are proposing a new build or renovations in low lying areas and close to the ocean or harbour you are likely to be affected and could require a coastal inundation assessment, flooding assessment, and land use consent as part of your building consent process.

For example, if you are proposing to build a new waterfront house on the lower lying areas in Clarks Beach, you may require in additional to your building consent and Geotechnical report to accompany your building consent with a Coastal Inundation or Flooding Assessment and Land Use Consent adding big delays to your project if not anticipated and further costs.

At Birch we have an experienced planning and engineering team that can assist with your coastal inundation assessments, flooding assessments, and land use consents for these types of projects so if you are planning on building or renovating and want to know if you could be affected be sure to contact us.