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Proposed Unitary Plan has been notified

15 October 2013

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

The Proposed Unitary Plan for Auckland was released on time at the end of September. Once the statutory planning process is completed, this document will become the sole Planning Document guiding the use and development of land across the whole of Auckland City. This proposed plan is now open for public submissions until the 28th February 2014. There will be a further submission period until mid 2014, and thereafter public hearings.

The most significant provision of the plan affecting land South of Drury is the Future Urban Zone (FUZ) and Mixed Rural Zone. The FUZ being a corridor of land encompassing the Rural Southern areas of Pukekohe and to the North including Paerata, Wesley College and through to the Pukekohe Golf Club, and also land North and South of SH22 on the Western side of Drury.

The Mixed Rural Zone being generally described as existing Rural land in areas of Pukekohe East and Karaka.

These two zones significantly alter the future shape and amenity of the rural environment as we know it today. These plans, maps and the Unitary Plan text is readily available at I will provide more commentary on these provisions in future articles