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What does the Unitary Plan mean to you

30 August 2016

AUTHOR:Kevin Birch

Since May 2013, I have published various articles on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (commonly called the PAUP), as it was developed by the Auckland Council, and went through consultation, submissions, hearings, and now finally decisions. And by the time this is printed, only a limited opportunity for appeals will exist.

There has been a lot of debate in the press about the impact on various communities, as the Council moved to provide intensification within already developed areas, and opportunities for new residential areas. The opportunity for 16 metre high apartment blocks with up to five, six or seven stories adjacent to the centre of Pukekohe has been provided, as with many other existing residential areas in Auckland. This is known as the Residential – Terrace Housing and Apartment Building Zone.

This high density zone has been provided for near town centres and public transport networks, and is intended to make efficient use of land and infrastructure. The challenge lies in ensuring that such developments have high quality design elements and that the adverse effects on people and infrastructure are mitigated.

Our planning team in Auckland and Pukekohe is gearing up to provide quality advice as the PAUP starts to shape the future of Auckland.