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Scope of Work:

Non-complying Landuse for restaurant in a rural environment


22nd September 2006


Pukekohe Branch

Key person:

Kevin Birch

Bracu - Consent for Restaurant in Olive Orchard
Bracu - Consent for Restaurant in Olive Orchard
Bracu - Consent for Restaurant in Olive Orchard

Bracu - Consent for Restaurant in Olive Orchard

Rural Landuse

It is with a sense of satisfaction that we present Bracu Restaurant as a significant key project undertaken by Birch Surveyors. The restaurant is located on the Simunovich Olive Estate on Main Road, Bombay South Auckland, and has become a key destination for both local and Auckland patrons, serving a high class menu with an extensive winery set in a beautiful rural setting.

The Olive Estate was established by the Simunovich family on a relatively large rural property consisting of a number of titles. An old bungalow was located near the entrance to the Estate and a proposal was developed to convert this to a restaurant. Significant modifications to the interior were required and designed by a local architect which incorporated a state of the art kitchen, dining areas, seating around the balconies and a wine cellar.

We were approached by the owners to provide key planning advice and obtain the necessary Landuse and Regional Consents for the restaurant. Key considerations were:

  1. The impacts on the neighbours and their view and views of the proposal.

  2. The effects on the local Rural Road

  3. The requirements for parking to accomodate private and corporate guests and staff

  4. The desire by the owners to integrate the restaurant and parking areas into the existing orchard

  5. The potential effects on the rural resource and environment

  6. The potential effects of greater wastewater disposal and its proximity to watercourses.

  7. The provisions of the District Plan which did not provide for restaurants in Rural Zones

 Although a relatively complex application, consent was obtained without public notification. There have been a few minor variations to the consent, to allow small expansions, a bus park, and a heliport. These variations have further enhanced the value, functionality and attractiveness of the site.

An associated landuse was for the establishment of Olive processing and the manufacture of Olive products on the site. Birch Surveyors assisted Simunovich Olive Estate with these consents, and a number of products are now manufactured on the site, and marketed world wide.